Andy Head has over seventeen years experience in our industry.  He graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Marketing, having also walked on as a punter for the University of Alabama football team under Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

After graduation, Andy spent two years as Marketing Director for an elastic manufacturer; five years as a sales representative for American Standard, winning the “Sales Championship” award his first year; two years as a manufacturer’s rep in Georgia; and two years as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Jones Manufacturing Company, where he helped increase sales by $2 million in his region.

Andy joined Banks & Associates as a partner in January 1993.  In the past nine years, he and his partner have worked hard to create one of the top manufacturer’s rep agencies in the State of Alabama.  He has tremendous people skills and is very adept at creating trust with the wholesaler as well as all manufacturers represented.  He has increased sales and market share with every line offered. Andy’s strongest qualities are his ability to establish, maintain and nurture relationships with plumbing contractors, wholesalers, engineers, inspectors, and his salesmanship skills with one of the hardest work ethics in the business.

Through Andy’s experience with American Standard, as a manufacturer’s representative and especially with Jones Manufacturing, he has learned how to sell the total package. By that, meaning where a manufacturer has several multiple product categories, Andy has developed a talent to be able to combine those, adding items from different categories and maximizing the order, thus enabling the customer to eliminate venders of like items. One purchase order, one shipment, which saves the customer time and money and increasing his inventory turns. Email Andy


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