Banks & Head Agency, Inc
Plumbing Manufacturers Representatives

Proudly serving the Plumbing Wholesaler
 in Alabama & the Florida panhandle since 1992.

Banks & Associates was formed as a new Manufacturer’s Representation Agency in October, 1992 by Richard Banks and Andy Head as a partnership with the express desire of becoming one of the leading agencies for the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry in Alabama and the Florida panhandle.

Banks & Associates has now incorporated as Banks & Head Agency, Inc.

 We have attained that goal through diligently working with the manufacturers, building relationships with the customers, educating our customers about the product lines, and creative sales by pull-through distribution with the leading plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors in our marketing area.

We are not an agency to relax or rest on our laurels; we are continually improving by upgrading our facilities, educating ourselves on new products and technologies, and doing our part to advance this industry to which we devote ourselves.

James Harkins has been office manager since 1994. Click here for a little about him.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Richard / Andy / James

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